Building the extraordinary

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After stripping down the Yamaha XSR900 to the chassis, mainframe and engine, the Diamond Atelier team set to building something very unusual. Working with trusted partners such as KRT, the custom bike pioneers mixed, matched, mended and amended everything from the handlebars, lowered of course, to the cut down harness for the electronics. Despite never having ridden a XSR900, yet alone worked on one, Diamond Atelier upped tools and got to it, building one of the rawest pieces of custom cafe racers the world has ever seen.

While Diamond Atelier worked hard in their Munich workshop, the horology masterminds at TW Steel channeled that intrepid design and fused it with their own bold and effortless style. The timepiece aims to pay tribute to vintage styles with a modern twist.

"Something new is only ever created if you don’t follow the pre-set rules. While taking inspiration from TW Steel and their products, we specifically looked at the early Bõsõzoku scene. A great source of inspiration.
— Tom Konecny,
Diamond Atelier —

Let the good times roll!