Son of Time


It is time to unleash a beast. Envisioning a beast to complement the beauties in the Son of Time stable, Anthony Partridge teamed up with TW Steel. Sharing a healthy dislike for anything standard, both aim to shake up the establishment.

Looking to create a machine that does damage on the drag strip, Anthony and TW Steel turned to the line-up of long-time allies Yamaha. Their weapon of choice: the uncompromising MT-10.

At the same time, TW Steel set off to develop a timepiece just as raw and classy as the bike that rides beside it. These two beasts formed the most brutal addition of the Son of Time saga: ‘Tempus Fury’.

Being involved in the world of motorsports since day 1, Dutch watch brand TW Steel was eager to build a timepiece alongside a ridiculously powerful custom drag bike.

Loved for his eclectic mix of styles, Anthony Partridge approached this project with the energy that makes his work so unique. He designed and built a one off custom composite body in an animalistic style that’s edged with elegance.

Appreciating Anthony’s bold ideas and fearless attitude, we knew we were going to join forces at some point. So when we wanted to build a beast to complement our previous beauties, there was only one man I could think of.

— Auke Possel,
TW Steel —

I love the idea of breaking away and following your heart. I don’t know any other way to live. It feels good, I’m going for it 100%. This natural fit is one of the main reasons this collaboration worked very well.

— Anthony Partridge,
Goblin Works Garage —