Son of Time


TW Steel and Numbnut Motorcycles join forces to build two crazy monuments encouraging you to stand up, cut loose and make your life an adventure.

The two Dutch brands come together to create two one-off creations from their respective worlds, a one-off timepiece and a unique concept custom motorcycle.

The design of both will influence the other, with the TW Steel attitude and bold design influencing both the timepiece and the motorcycle. Two worlds will collide in style, shaking up the establishment with maximum impact.

From the world of horology, TW Steel stand out as the new breed in watchmaking, bold and fearless in design and attitude, unafraid to be different.

From the world of custom motorcycle building, Numbnut Motorcycles are the hungry young guns, delivering a modern twist to old school cool with their two-wheeled creations.

I’m really excited to create Son of Time together. Roderick's very talented so I know we will unveil creations that shout new school, with old school craftsmanship!

— Ton Cobelens,
TW Steel —

Given TW Steel's modern twist and fearless attitude, I think we’re going to really spark off each other as we build…we’re going to let the good times roll Dutch style!

— Roderick Seibert,
Numbnut Motorcycles —