Son of Time



True craftsmanship, the creation of beautiful things by hand is an art seen less and less today. Macco Motors and TW Steel teamed up to design two masterpieces to pay tribute to this art. Next to that, the ‘Desperado’ designs are inspired by the Son of Time principle and celebrate free spirits.

Aligned from the outset, the creative masterminds of both brands worked hard to create their own modern take on vintage flair. As a result, the Desperado custom bike and matching watch designs are stylish blends of retro aesthetics and raw power.

Macco Motors’ trademark style fits our Maverick collection, the base model of the Special Edition, perfectly. Their modern take on vintage flair goes hand in hand with the Son of Time philosophy.”

— Auke Possel ,
TW Steel —

Sharing ideas with TW Steel, we agreed on the general view of the bike quickly: modern with classic elements; rough but classy... and all this with a more racing and aggressive look.”-

— Jose Garcia ,
Macco Motors —

The ‘Desperado’ Special Edition infuses the raw Maverick shape with the unmistakable Son of Time flavour. Incorporating key elements such as the clean lines, the pistons and the fuel cap, the watch breathes boldness, while maintaining a stylish, clean look.

The Desperado custom motorcycle design is a typical masterpiece in Macco Motors’ trademark style. Their design philosophy has always focused on honouring vintage style using modern techniques. The aggressive look and the use of stainless steel and carbon fibre give it that TW Steel attitude.