Son of Time


It’s time for Dutch masters to make a statement. Building on the sweet success of the ‘Æon’ story, TW Steel collided with Amsterdam’s own Ironwood Custom Motorcycles. If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.

This explosive collaboration produces a fresh take on Dutch Design while taking Father Time for a ride. The goal was straightforward: design and craft the best possible masterpieces simultaneously in the worlds of custom motorcycles and horology.

Bouncing ideas off each other, TW Steel and Ironwood Custom Motorcycles created remarkable statement: The Chronos' Joyride.

Proudly Dutch, watch brand TW Steel teams up with local talents Ironwood Custom Motorcycles and Yamaha Netherlands to create a bold, yet stylish timepiece.

Amsterdam based Ironwood Custom Motorcycles bring their renowned ‘brat’ style to the mix and infused a healthy dose of Son of Time into a Yamaha XSR700

Teaming up with Ironwood Custom Motorcycles means we have a truly Dutch design that we're all proud of. ”

— Jordy Cobelens,
TW Steel —

I'm pleased our collab was smooth from start to finish. We both feel confident and have character to push the bar and aim for higher things in life concerning our product statements.”

— Arjan van den Boom,
Ironwood Custom Motorcycles —